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7th CGBCR Conference 

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

3 – 4 July 2014


The Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research at the University of Manchester will host its seventh conference on Growth and Business Cycle in Theory and Practice on 3-4 July 2014. The Conference is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of recent research on growth and business cycles from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. The Conference is unique in the UK, and should be of interest to both academic economists and policy makers alike. The call for papers is issued below.

The Keynote Speakers for the 2014 CGBCR conference are:

  • Guido Ascari   (Pavia)
  • Paul De Grauwe  (LSE)
  • Nobuhiro Kiyotaki  (Princeton)
  • Marcus Miller (Warwick)
  • Simon Wren-Lewis  (Oxford)

A Supplement Issue of The Manchester School is planned for the conference. The selection will be based on a standard, but high-speed, refereeing process with the view to publishing the highest quality submissions.  The call for Papers from The Manchester School

Call for papers

Seventh Conference on Growth and Business Cycles in Theory and Practice, 3 – 4 July 2014.

The Centre for Growth and Business Cycles Research invites submissions of papers for its 2014 conference. Papers should be sent via e-mail to[email protected]

The deadline for submissions is 10 March 2014. Decisions will be made by 10  April 2014, when  registration will also open.  For the deadline for submissions of presented papers to The Manchester School see above.

The conference will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Any enquiries should be sent to [email protected]  or [email protected] .

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