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Climate change is a global problem but so far a global response has not emerged. Many jurisdictions are already taking action on climate change while others are grappling with what policies to implement and when to introduce them. In many federal settings, climate policy is evolving in a decentralized, and relatively uncoordinated, fashion. The European Union is an important exception. Considered a climate policy leader by many, the EU has implemented the first and largest international emissions trading system, spanning 31 countries.

The Centre’s research in this area focuses on climate change policy in federal settings, where multiple governments can and do implement their own policies and multiple instruments can and do co-exist.

For more information on climate change projects, contact Dr. Tracy Snoddon.

Current Projects:

  • Mechanisms for integrating climate policies in Europe and Canada
  • Alternative approaches to burden sharing in decentralized federal settings

Current Events:

Past Projects and Events: