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CNB Research Open Day 2013

 Monday, 13 May 2013

 Czech National Bank’s Commodity Exchange (Plodinová burza) building

Senovážné nám. 30, Praha 1



This year the Czech National Bank celebrates its 20 years, so the best of the CNB’s current research was selected to honour this anniversary. The selected papers will be presented during the Research Open Day and there will be an opportunity to learn about the CNB Call for Research Projects 2014 and to meet CNB researchers informally.

This event will provide an opportunity to see some of the best of the CNB’s current economic research work, to learn about the CNB Call for Research Projects 2014 and to meet CNB researchers informally. All presentations will be held in English.



8.30 Registration & Morning Coffee

9.00 Introduction and ERD Award 2013: Kamil Janá.ek, Bank Board Member, CNB

9.10 CNB Research in 2013, Kateřina Šmídková, Executive Director, ERD, CNB

Chair: Kateřina Šmídková 

9.20 “Tracking Monetary-Fiscal Interactions Across Time and Space,” by Michal Franta, Jan Libich, and Petr Stehlík

9.40 Discussion: Jacopo Cimadomo, European Central Bank

9.55 Q&A

10.05 “Assessing the Impact of Fiscal Measures on the Czech Economy,” by Róbert Ambri.ko, Jan Babeck., Jakub Ry.ánek, and Vilém Valenta

10.25 Discussion: Jan in ‘t Veld, European Commission

10.40 Q&A

10.50 Coffee

Chair: Michal Franta 

11.15 “Does Central Bank Financial Strength Matter for Inflation? An Empirical Analysis,” by Soňa Benecká, Tomáš Holub, Narcisa Liliana Kadlčáková, and Ivana Kubicová

11.35 Discussion: Diego Moccero, European Central Bank

11.50 Q&A

12.00 “Dynamic Stress Testing: The Framework for Testing Banking Sector Resilience Used by the Czech National Bank,” by Adam Geršl, Petr Jakubík, Tomáš Konečn., and Jakub Seidler

12.20 Discussion: Martin Summer, Oesterreichische Nationalbank

12.35 Q&A

12.45 Lunch (ground floor)

14.00 Information Meeting for Prospective Authors of CNB Research Projects (ground floor)



For more details about registration, please click here.