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Friday 18th March 2016

The Royal Society in London



  • All Papers should display academic rigour and show evidence of practical application. We are interested in showcasing papers that have policy relevance and have been used in decision-making by the public and/or private sectors. Papers do not have to be unique applications of new theory; evidence-based policy benefits from repeated applications.
  • Abstracts must not exceed 2 sides of A4, in 12 point font, double spaced. They should convey information on the economic theory tested; context of the practical application (actual and/or potential); results and policy implications.
  • Please ensure that your abstract indicates which theme(s) your paper falls into and the author for correspondence.
  • Please submit your abstract by Friday, 27th November 2015 to [email protected]
  • Papers for presentation will be selected by the Scientific Committee comprising of academic and consultancy experts. Last year’s Committee included Dr Paolo Agnolucci, University College London; Prof Giles Atkinson, London School of Economics; Prof. Ian Bateman, University of East Anglia; Dr Diane Burgess, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland; Prof. Mike Christie, University of Aberystwyth; Prof. Nick Hanley, University of Stirling; Prof. Susana Mourato, London School of Economics; Ece Ozdemiroglu, eftec; Prof Dan Rigby, Manchester University; Prof. Kerry Turner, University of East Anglia; and Prof. Ken Willis, University of Newcastle.
  • Selected papers will be presented in parallel sessions.
  • Those whose abstracts are accepted should register to attend the conference by Thursday 25th February 2016. Separate instruction will be received in respect of registration, presentations and papers.

Conference Website:

Please submit your abstract by Friday, 27th November 2015 to [email protected]