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NIAS, Wassenaar (Netherlands)

Tuesday 8-Wednesday 9 December 2015.


This two-day workshop, to be held at NIAS in Wassenaar (Netherlands) follows an earlier one, held there in fall 2014 that was hosted by the NIAS themegroup

The goal is to have presentations of papers that are in various stages of development to a group of scholars, practitioners, policy-makers and advanced PhD students on themes broadly related to EU Decision-Making and Governance.

Paper proposals of maximum 300 words, addressing the above-mentioned theme (broadly defined) are invited for submission. Proposals should be simultaneously sent to Madeleine Hosli ([email protected]) and Amy Verdun ([email protected]) no later than 6 November 2015.

Please note that there will be no registration fees for this workshop. Applications from PhD students and early career researchers are encouraged. Speakers will be expected to pay their own travel expenses to Wassenaar but the host will cover accommodation and most meals during the conference.