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Global Spillovers and Economic Cycles

Paris, 30-31 May 2013

Hosted by the Banque de France (BdF)

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A Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN) Conference


Philippe Bacchetta (University of Lausanne and CEPR)

Laurent Ferrara (Banque de France)

Jean Imbs (Paris School of Economics and CEPR)

Massimiliano Marcellino (European University Institute, Bocconi University and CEPR)


Conference Programme

In an increasingly integrated global economy, assessing the propagation of shocks is becoming of major interest to the international economic cycles analysis. It is indeed challenging to evaluate the impact of certain types of shocks on global business cycles and to disentangle the various transmission channels, such as trade flows, financial linkages or confidence effects. This conference will focus on empirical and theoretical contributions providing an assessment of various spillover effects at a global level and new perspectives on structural analysis, forecasting and economic policy design and assessment.


Topics include:

  • The evaluation of changing trade and financial linkages across countries
  • The macroeconomic effects of swings in commodity prices
  • The cyclical relationships between emerging and advanced countries
  • The integration of financial spillovers in global macro and econometric models
  • Theoretical and empirical analyses of the transmission of monetary and fiscal policy across countries

The event is hosted by the Banque de France, and sponsored by the EABCN in collaboration with the Banque de France Chair at the Paris School of Economics and the Pierre Werner Chair Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute.


If you would like to attend the conference, please complete the General Registration Form and return it via email to no later than Monday 13 May 2013.


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