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Policy Briefs

The Europolicy Brief is intended to be a short piece that deals with a policy issue of concern to an audience interested in European affairs or with a European connection. Other presentations and materials also relevant to the work of the Centre are also available on this page.


It is expected that broader lessons drawn from the experience of other countries, or regions of the world, will also be incorporated.

The Brief is intended to be accessible to a wider audience than simply the academic community.

What have we heard? Dr. Alfred Pletsch, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany offers a summary and some reflections on the Viessmann European Centre’s 10th anniversary conference celebration

Giving Up (Some) Sovereignty Is Hard to Do: The Continuing Neglect of Global Economic Governance

Post Cannes Summit commentary published November 7, 2011

Are we watching Europe’s Wile E. Coyote’s moment? Published in Globe and Mail, October 13, 2011
Faceoff: Should the Bank of Canada release its projections of the interest rate path? The case for and against (with A. Spence) Published as C.D. Howe Backgrounder No. 134, October 2010
Published in KW-Record, May 2, 2011
Published in Toronto Star, June 29, 2011
The FSB: Where do we go from here? in S. Griffith-Jones, E. Helleiner and N. Woods (Eds), CIGI Special Report, June 2010
As good as it gets? The International dimension to Canada’s monetary policy strategy choices Published as C.D. Howe Commentary No. 292, July 2009
Finding a way out: Central Bank in challenging times*
and Technology, systemic risk and global financial regulation** (with Jennifer Jeffs)
Published in, 24-25, September 2009 (*pp. 49-52; ** pp. 61-65)
Canadian surrogate economic zones: implications for Russian SEZ
February 2008
CIGI Policy Brief No. 10, November 2008
Published in the K-W Record, April 23, 2009
Canadian regional growth and its implications for Russian regional growth
February 2008
Mobility in Canada and its implications for migration in Russia February 2008
Comparing Climate Change in Europe and North America January 2008
Maastricht Treaty January 2007
European Central Bank
January 2007
European Monetary Union January 2007