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Information on PhD studentship opportunities at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence, Italy:

Deadlines: August 30, 2016


Up to 11 fully funded PhD positions in POLITICAL SCIENCE and SOCIOLOGY (Scuola Normale Superiore) for the academic year 2016-2017 The program focuses on the following three research areas:

  1. Democracy and social movements. In this area, sociological and political science competences converge around political sociology, which bridges the two disciplines through its main focus on the reciprocal influence of political and social transformations. Social movements, civil society, participative democracy, political violence, new media and conflicts are the main concepts addressed in the teaching and research activities. In the best European tradition, the methodological approach will be sensitive to the historical, institutional and cultural specificities, but also oriented to the development of theory.
  2. Comparative/global public policy and international governance. This area addresses, in an innovative way, themes such as the comparative analysis of public policies; the global dimension of public policies; the multilevel governance of public policies, that is the structural and procedural characteristics that influence how public policies are decided and implemented in multilevel institutional processes (from the sub-national to the national, and from the supra-national to the international ones, with due attention to the European Union); the structure of regimes and dynamics of international politics (not only foreign policy and defense, but also migration policies, social policies, public health policies, educational policies, energies policies and policies of economic development)
  3. Comparative politics and society. This area is oriented towards the comparative analysis of some main politico-institutional processes, focusing on the interactions between political parties, interest groups, civil society and the public opinion. The classical comparative analysis, based on cross-national comparison, is backed up by the study of processes that are territorially multilevel, such as
    Europeanization and globalization, in the political, but also economic, social, and cultural spheres.
  • The grant is of four years.
  • Full coverage of research expenses (conferences, summer schools, research periods abroad) is provided.
  • The Faculty is exclusively devoted to PhD teaching and supervision
  • The activities will be take place in Florence at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Institute of Human and Social Sciences)