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At Wilfrid Laurier University a wide variety of courses are offered that cover topics that directly relate to the European Union, and European affairs more generally. Below is a selection of some relevant courses. A recent outline can be downloaded. Interested individuals are asked to consult the University’s Home Page and find the Home Page of the department they are interested in for contacts and further details.



EC227: Economic Development of Europe, Economics
EC247: Historical Development of the International Economy, Economics
GG353: Western Europe, Geography
HI202: Europe 1789-1871: War, Protest, and Revolution, History
HI453: Post 1945 Europe: Memory, Identity, and Protest, History
HI696: Communist Eastern Europe, History
IP641: Macroeconomic Policy in an Interdependent World, Public Policy
PO221: Comparative Politics in Industrial Countries, Political Science
PO653: Fascism, Neo-Fascism and the Radical Right, Political Science